Inishmann Vest – revisited and revised

Good afternoon!

Two years ago, January of 2017, Knit Picks published a delightful collection of cabled patterns, one of which was mine. I wrote about it here. This was a well-received pattern, but many had problems with missing elements and errors in the design.—revised

Part of the issue, occurring any time a designer passes a pattern on to be published, is that the publishers of the design want to minimize pattern details in order to maximize space. Also, many hands “touch” a design during the entire publication process – from sample knitting by the designer, thru tech/sample knitting, tech editing, layout and design, and final publication. Ending result: a pattern with errors and confusion.

Two years have passed and I now have control over the design. So now it is all cleaned, clarified and ready for you to download on Ravelry.


One Response to “Inishmann Vest – revisited and revised”
  1. How frustrating! And the errors reflect on the designer, as most people don’t think it’s the publisher’s fault.

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