JP’s Cap – a study in brioche

JP’s Cap – half-brioche stitch at its finest

As promised, I thought I would explain the cap I’m making for JP. I’m using superwash sock yarn (KP’s Stroll) in a lovely Dove Heather. Using #3 circs, I’m getting about 6sts to the inch in pattern.

I cast on 120sts for a 20″ circumference cap. The stitch I’m using (which is starting from the very first round) is Half-Brioche – a simpler, quicker way to get the “look” of brioche without quite the bulk.

Half-brioche is a two-round pattern on an even number of sts:

  • Round 1: k1, p1 around
  • Round 2: k into the round below (by putting needle into the center of “V” created by the previous k st), p1
  • rep these two rounds for length desired.

What’s the point of brioche … or half-brioche as I’m working here? It gives a great, fluffy, insulating ribbed hat. Because the cap will be entirely ribbed, it will form-fit to my lovely son’s lovely (and large) head.

I’ll post progress next week – not a lot of time to knit since application deadline for the high school is tomorrow … so it’s going to get hectic at work!


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