on my needles ….

… the start of a cap for youngest son

I’m just about done with my “Braids ‘n’ Brioche” sweater … done in a gorgeous, dark hunter green (KP’s Brava Bulky) for a fun knock around the house sweater … pictures soon! I just have to knit on the border/shawl collar and it’s all done.

So, while I wasn’t looking, youngest son (all of 16!), went thru my yarn and picked out some various weights and types for the ultimate beanie cap. Out of his stash-diving, I chose KP’s Stroll Fingering in Dove Heather. The nice thing about this yarn, in addition to its gorgeous stitch definition and pale grey tone, is that it is washable – a must with a 16 yo!

The hat is going to be all half-brioche stitch … something I’ll explain once I have a bit more knit up.

Until then … enjoy the journey and have fun with fiber!

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