An end of an era … and the start of another

So, on Friday, May 17th, I had my very last day working at JP the GREAT. It was quite a bittersweet day for me … but so packed with events (last day for seniors, Bishop’s visit, school Mass, etc etc) that I didn’t really have time to feel maudlin. A good thing.

Today, I started a new job working as Interim Director of Religious Education (DRE) for my parish. Our DRE (who graduated from our high school … as did her dh) is out all summer having a baby so I’m stepping in to organize and run Vacation Bible School (scheduled for July) as well as getting Religious Education (K-8) organized and scheduled for next fall.

A daunting challenge — but one I am quite excited about!

In the meantime (and it has been more than 3 months since I’ve posted), I have done a great bit of knitting … finishing a wedding throw … as well as a couple of shawls:

A circular wedding throw for dear co-worker Cat and husband, Rob – while you can’t necessarily see in this pic … it’s done in school colors: black, green and “white”
A shawl based on springtime … a shawl-a-long in one of my Ravelry groups
“I’ve Got the Blues” Shawl … imitating Faroese shawl and using a gradient that fell nicely


One Response to “An end of an era … and the start of another”
  1. Jennifer Gregory Miller says:

    I can’t believe you’re not at JPII. Which is your parish now? Elizabeth Seton? Prayers for your new journey!!!

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