A trip down memory lane …

A salute to my hometown!

I just published this design which literally had me thinking about my childhood days, growing up less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean … in San Francisco … the part of San Francisco that was grey most days but could become simply glorious on a blue-skyed, sunny day. A day when you could see the Farralon Islands off in the distance (and when I was young, thought were the Hawaiian Islands … yes, very much a more innocent day!).

This design is fun because it turns shawl knitting on its ear: first you have a garter tab … then you start knitting a half-Pi Shawl … then you shift to the classic triangle shape and pure, smooth stockinette … and then you cap the whole thing with a few repeats of a stylized “feather ‘n’ fan” lace that ends with all garter (but still some lace).

The whole design is amazingly attractive with the yarn and the stitches and the overall look … I love it!

And I hope you will, too! Check out this, and my other many designs, in my Ravelry store!

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