Good afternoon …

We have had an amazing couple of days with 60-70mph winds (knocking down trees, signs, etc and tons of folks losing power) … thank goodness our power is all underground as we only lost power for about 5 minutes yesterday. The up side? We had a “wind day” yesterday so a 3-day weekend. DH and the youngest went down to pick up college boy while newly-minted 18yo daughter and I spent a quiet ladies’ day, binging on junk food and chick flicks. It was great!

Today, I had meetings/plans cancelled due to the weather, so I was able to post a couple of patterns that have been piling up (check back later this week … I have a few more to do).

Ellie and Eddie, the Edison Twins

Introducing Ellie and Eddie, the Edison Twins. These dolls are a fun, all-in-one piece knit with removable clothes and coordianting school bags. These used Lisa Souza’s Supersport (a superwash wool that is hand-dyed to give the dolls and their clothes a bit of depth, the yarn is washable and knits up beautifully). You could always make more clothes for them as the dolls have knitted-in underwear so can easily be changed!

My other design, a set of four pillow toppers, has a Southwest America theme. Southwest Salsa gives you all four designs that knit up in the round on #7s using Berocco’s Vintage, a worsted washable blend that knits up beautifully (and the colors are perfect for this theme). Each of the pillow tops is designed to be easily removable for cleaning … or creating a different set in other colorways!

Southwest Salsa – a set of 4 pillows


These designs are both available for immediate download on Ravelry …. Craftsy …. and Love Knitting.


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