TGG turns 19 Sweater!

It is extremely hard for me to believe that my son … y’know the one born in North Carolina … who has lived in Austria, Colorado, South Carolina, and finally in Virginia … my son who I followed to high school (ok, I was REALLY following my dh) … my son who, just yesterday, started his 2nd semester at William & Mary …

HE is 19 today!


How the heck did that happen?

This is the first year we won’t celebrate his bday with him on his birthday … so it is a tad bittersweet. But he is becoming an amazing young man … hard-working and diligent in his studies and social life … and generally a great witness to the faith.

We were able to cobble together a little birthday celebration on Sunday night – he was leaving on a train on Monday morning and we needed to celebrate with him. He really wanted a cream-colored “fishermen’s sweater” so I obliged – knitting the one in the picture and finishing in about 10 days due to the bulky yarn I used … and he loves it. I finished it Saturday night and he tried it on Sunday; he deemed it a perfect napping sweater and so warm he had to take it off even though the outside temps were hovering around 30 and the inside temps were not that much higher!

But the bottom line is he loves his sweater! It does a mom proud. He also got a scarf that semi matches; I made the scarf as a gauge swatch and temporary gift in case I didn’t get the sweater done in time.

A great gauge swatch that doubles as a 60-inch scarf

Both of these will probably end up as new designs … but for now they are simply a way for this mama to show her son just how much he is loved! Besides, he’s a fellow Member of the Tribe (ironically, over break he registered for 2nd semester classes and has my Stat professor for stats; I had the same teacher 30 years ago!).

Happy birthday Lego Maniac!

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