Well, so we’ve had the last two days off for snow days – and I have been productive!

I finished Maggie’s Hollins Sweater (she has decided to accept admission offer at Hollins University, an all-female university in Virginia) and since their colors are Green & Gold, I decided to make her a sweater to mark the decision. It’s a bulky weight, acrylic (so completely washable), slightly oversized sweater which she can wear in the dorm over pj’s or walking around campus over leggings. It’s super cute on her and the cowl collar (which was an after-request so had to rip and re-knit) really gives it a thumbs-up from my almost 19yo fashionista.

In addition to working from home (it’s amazing how much I can get done when I just hunker down and work!) and knitting, I also did a bit of baking.

Amazing for sandwiches, toast, slathered with butter …. yeah, it’s that good!

This bread, a variation on Jeff Hertzberg’s Simple Crusty Bread

adds almond flour to the mix. This has an amazing effect as it adds about 32g of protein to the batch, gives the bread a great “crumb” that makes the bread dense enough for sandwiches but still light, and gives the bread a slight nutty taste.

This bread is so quick and easy to make, taking about 20 minutes to mix up, 2 or more hours to rise, and 30 minutes of bake time. Perfect for a snow day!

If you’d like my version of this bread, click here for a printable pdf. Let me know what you think!

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