So we are on our third day (of four days) of mid-term exams for the high schoolers. This is in some ways the best of times … and the worst of times … and between my teen-aged students and my teacher husband … WOW … just, WOW! And on top of midterm stress in general, the online grading software had a server that went down for 36 hours.

But, like all things, we muscle through and all is getting better.

Last week, Thomas finally got his official driver’s license. In Virginia, they have to do 45+ documented hours driving with a parent, a driver’s ed course, a 90-minute parent/student online course, 14 hours “behind the wheel” with a certified company. THEN, and only then, can they take the driving test (with the behind the wheel instructor) and the student gets a temp license good for up to 90 days while they wait for a court date to get their official license. Thomas, who was born under a majorly HUGE lucky star, had already gotten a court date (even tho he had not yet done the behind the wheel) so we quickly got him the behind the wheel (he had done much more than 45 hours with Rick … the one upside to living so far from school!) Anyway, Tuesday, I took off the morning from school and T and I headed down to Orange County Court House, listened to a judge tell the 50+ teens in the room that driving is a privilege and not a right, and then the judge handed me T’s license. Seems in the Old Dominion they believe that parents have charge of whether or not their teens drive. Cool, huh?

Then on Wednesday, we had school Mass (which was lovely … ) and then Thursday started mid-terms. Maggie and T were a tad stressed but have so far done very well and have their last two tomorrow. Maggie, to blow off steam and relax a bit, went to an “Ugly sweater party” on Friday evening … and won for the ugliest (pictured above) creation at the party. She was pretty jazzed to win the “ugly sweater cookie kit”!

We spent the rest of the weekend, prepping the house of the Holidays and I started Christmas baking. I also created knitted ornaments for some of my favorite faculty/staff at the high school and, with a few home treats, will be presenting the gifts tomorrow. The ornaments are all different … some colorwork, some cabled … but all fun items with love knit into every stitch.

I love prepping for CHRISTMAS!

May all your Christmas dreams come true … always believe in Christmas Magic … it happens!


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