Today, June 30th, I finally have time to publish two of the multitude of projects I have ready to publish. It’s been hectic (but incredibly awesome) at my new job … and I continue to knit .. just no time to post.

So, here is one of the two I published today … with a few more just waiting for a bit more time to get out there.

My School-Spirit pillow was designed for my daughter … the one getting ready to head off to university in August. This will help her remember that I love her and that I’m always there for her. This little beauty uses a 12-inch square pillow form, about 210 yards of worsted weight yarn (washable for the dorm!), and knits up quickly on #7s. My School-Spirit pillow, done in the school colors of her university, is available on Ravelry and Love Knitting for immediate download.

The second pattern, for one of my favorite nieces, is a celebration of her baby (due in the Fall). When Jillian got married, I designed the bulky-weight (organic cotton, of course) Love Grows blanket for her. When I found out that she was expecting her first baby this Fall, I knew I wanted to make a baby blanket with meaning – so I designed a fingering weight version of the Love Grows blanket … this one is called Love Grows, Baby and I love the way it turned out …

This uses about 1300yds of fingering weight yarn – here in a cotton-wool blend that self-stripes – on US#5s … a delight to knit and a perfect heirloom for my niece.

This is available on Ravelry … and should upload to Love Knitting shortly for you to download and make your own heirloom blanket.

ENJOY! … and check back in a few days for a couple of more fun designs …

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