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First true snow day of the winter (and it's March 6th!)

First true snow day of the winter (and it’s March 6th!)

Well, good morning! We woke to a lovely, fluffy snow fall … our FIRST this whole Winter. Even dh knew he couldn’t go in to school, so we’re having a true snow day … with promises of sledding and playing and fires in the fireplace and lots of knitting and crafting.

How is the weather where you are?

Yarn-along - March 6, 2013

Yarn-along – March 6, 2013

As you can see, I’ve finished my Spring Jacket I started last week. I think I’m going to make a polymer clay button to close it … especially since it’s just one big button I’ve imagined to go on this lovely bit of color. I love how the striping came out … the colors of this Kudo are gorgeous — it’s #061 and has bright blue and lime green and kelly green and deep purple. I like Kudo, a lovely blend of cotton/rayon/silk, altho one of the skeins seemed to be over-spun so I had alot of twisting of the yarn coming off the ball … which is a great pain … but I was enjoying the knitting so didn’t fling the thing across the room but rather, patiently (which is a BIG deal if you know me), untwisted and kept on knitting.

Spring Gate Farm's cashmere (50%), merino (25%), silk (25%) blend!

Spring Gate Farm’s cashmere (50%), merino (25%), silk (25%) blend!

Any suggestions on what to call this jacket? If I use your suggestion, I’ll gift you a copy of the design once I’ve posted it.

On to the yarn-along: yesterday we finished Borrowed House; boy, was that an excellent read. Definitely gives a great picture of life in Occupied Amsterdam during the WW2! We’ll start on Anne Frank: Life in Hiding today in lieu of reading the actual diary (which I always found a tad boring … but I have it in case one of the kids is interested in reading her actual words).

Me? I’m reading yet more diaries of the Civil War-era, written by folks who lived in Virginia. The two this week are written by a Miss Fanny Hume, a resident of Orange County (where I live). Her diaries, one from 1861, the other from 1862, are fascinating reading about the daily life, loves and losses of the conflict between the States.

The last book you see on the pile, Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (and her second and third books) are perfect for those who want to go beyond someone else’s design. I am getting ready to start a cashmere/wool/silk design, so these stitchionaries are invaluable references.

So, what’s on your needles and book-table? Wanna come play ….

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