Barra’s Blanket and Cap

Here’s my October design for The Brigid Collection … and can you believe I’m actually posting SIX days before the start of the month??? It seems that there is a baby boom going on around me and lots of boys are being born. It’s so hard to find a nice baby-knits design that is boyish.

Well, here’s my answer to that dilemma: Barra’s Blanket and Cap (on Ravelry and on Craftsy)!

Barra’s Blanket

The blanket is knit from the center out, completely seamless (so VERY little finishing work). But the cables — a plaited one and a twisted stitch cable — keep the knitting interesting and altho you end up with over 300 sts, the work goes quickly! I have given both charted and written-out, round-by-round, directions. It takes about 515 yards for the blanket which blocks out to a 30-inch square; it could easily be made larger by continuing the cable “stripes” and increases.

At 30×30, this blanket also makes a lovely lap-blanket (and looks LOVELY draped over my oak rocker!) for the older ones who may not have babies running around anymore.

Barra’s cap (newborn-12mo)

The cap — which due to the nature of the fabric — fits newborn to 12m sizes. The i-cord topper adds a bit of whimsy while also giving you an easy hanging loop. The cap takes about 85 yards of worsted-weight yarn.

Check out the entire, year-to-date, Brigid Collection for other unique designs with a bit of Celtic class!

The sample shown is knit using three skeins of Plymouth Galway … in an oatmeal colorway. Galway is 100% wool, with a soft finish. If you’d rather have an easier care yarn … Plymouth Encore (wool/acrylic and fully washable) would be a good substitute as would a superwash worsted.

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