Elegant Eliza and Exquisite Edgar lend a bit of sophistication to your Easter basket!

Elegant Eliza and Exquisite Edgar lend a bit of sophistication to your Easter basket!

I created a design a few years back, Elegant Eliza and Exquisite Edgar, a ballerina-dancing pair of bunnies. These are fun toys to knit since they’re done in one piece (except that they each have one removable item of clothing). They’re great for little ones as they have no sewing-on of appendages or buttons or whatever to yank off.

Well, I received an email the other day from the Store Manager at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival held annually in Becket, MA. This dance festival, running for 10 weeks every summer, is considered one of the premiere dance festival in the country. Here, from their website:

Jacob’s Pillow Dance is lauded worldwide as a “hub and mecca of dancing” (TIME Magazine), “one of America’s most precious cultural assets” (Mikhail Baryshnikov), and “the dance center of the nation” (The New York Times). “The Pillow” is a treasured 220-acre National Historic Landmark, a recipient of the prestigious National Medal of Arts, and home to America’s longest-running international dance festival.

Well, the email from Ms. Brawley asked if they could knit-up Eliza for sale in their brick-and-mortar gift shop. How cool is that?

So, if any of you are in the Becket area and headed to the festival … check out their version of my Eliza, please?

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