Yep, we succumbed again to nature’s revenge … this time the joint-achy, head-achy, cough-inducing, fever-rising, sore-throaty kind of flu.

The good news: no one got stomach sick.

Thomas helps carry the school banner during the March

The bad news: Thomas was home on Wednesday … JP was home on Thursday thru Sunday …. I was home from Friday thru Monday … Maggie was home from Saturday thru Monday. Thomas was again home today.

Yep, it really wiped us out. This is not one of those itty-bitty flus to mess about with. Seriously, it is best to stay home, sleep and drink lots and lots and lots of water (even if you have to get up every hour … it’s worth it).

Thomas has it again because he didn’t recover completely before the March for Life … helping at 5:30am to serve breakfast to two visiting high schools staying at JPGHS for the March (including Bishop Machebeuf from Denver!) … working his last shift at Hollister then heading to a party to welcome back a student who had been in Germany for the past 18 months … playing lacrosse on Sunday afternoonand then celebrating a friend’s birthday. I think he’d be even worse except we had yesterday off (teacher work day that was cancelled) so he could sleep and rest a bit.

Not a flu to mess around with.

OK, the rest of the week:

Rick, Maggie and Thomas left for the Patriot Center (at GMU) at 7:15-ish for a student rally …. riding one of the nine buses we sent (filled with over 500+ faculty/students/staff) to the March. After Bishop Burbidge hosted a Mass at the Patriot Center, the buses headed into D.C. to participate in the March for Life and all got back to school around 5-ish. A long day but all decided it was well worth it.

What a week!

We are all slowly getting back to healthiness … and the second semester has started! Thomas’ last semester of high school … and Maggie is halfway to being a junior … while JP one semester away from high school. Life is moving way too fast.

New school scarves … just in time for the March

This week, Catholic Schools Week, and altho a bigger deal for the parochial schools (JP is going to have a blast all week with all the partying!) we are enjoying a bit of the fallout in the highschool.

The highlight of our week is finally getting a visit from Bishop Burbidge (installed in December as the Bishop of Arlington). He’s so cool since he wants to spend the whole day at school … but not as a photo op … instead, he really wants to meet the students and faculty/staff. How cool is that?

Have a fabulous week ….

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