book review graphicWell, after not reviewing books for a while, I have another book-review post for you this week. These two books are hot-off-the-presses, just-published and delivered, and well worth reviewing. I’m thinking these will definitely find a permanent home in my knitting library (hard to believe, but some don’t, y’know).

The first book, Knits at Home: Rustic Designs for the Modern Nest, is from a British hand-knits designer named Ruth Cross. Seems Cross has been creating knitted-art for the past 10 years or so. Her goal is to create home furnishings that are pure design — functional and beautiful, unique and yet classic. And if this book is any indicator, she has succeeded.

Knits at Home and Scarves, Shrugs and Shawls

Knits at Home and Scarves, Shrugs and Shawls

The patterns included in this book … from knit-covered fruit bowls to throws and pillows, to curtains and table runners … are amazing works of art, beautifully styled and photographed, just begging you to knit ’em up! The textured stitches, many of which she seems to have “unvented”, are glorious and show the fiber chosen to perfection. The designs look clean/chic while at the same time instilling a feel of warmth/coziness in the very modern rooms shown.

One thing that raises this book to “permanent-library” status is the fact that she gives you tips throughout the book for how best to make the designs work for your home … which materials to use … how to design for your style. I’m seeing many hand-knitted home accessories in my design future! BTW, there seems to be a hard-cover version of this book (which I couldn’t wait for publication, so I got the paperback), titled Knitted Home due out in late-March if you want to wait for that version. Comparing the inside of the different-titled book on Amazon with the paperback version, the books look identical (right down to the table of contents and number of pages).

The second book by designer Sarah Hatton is my favorite kind of book: patterns for inspiration with lots and lots of techniques for creating your own. Scarves, Shrugs and Shawls: 22 knitted designs with their special techniques is filled with torso-covering designs of many kinds … with details on how to make them and how to wear them! Hatton is a designer from Rowan (whose yarns I love and whose designers I tend to always like, including Martin Storey whose latest book I mentioned a few weeks ago). A book from a designer for Rowan Yarns means that the designs are probably just perfect for me: I love the colors, the fibers (which tend toward the classic rather than novelty), the styling and the classic-ness. Hatton’s book is no exception. The 22 designs contained are beautifully executed, highly wearable classics that don’t look dowdy but rather, quite chic. Hatton has included a chapter on just how to wear these items — showing the versatility inherent in classic design!

BTW, almost all the knitting books I review on here I have either borrowed from the library or purchased; I don’t receive any freebies (unfortunately) so if you do decide to buy these books, please buy them thru Amazon so that I can get the miniscule commission … which adds up to buying more books to review!

Let me know if you hear about a knitting book (either an old classic or a brand-new, off-the presses book) and I’ll try and get a review for you.


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