Why worry: He's got this covered ...

Why worry: He’s got this covered …

Good morning … we got to sleep in this morning (in fact, the teens are still sounds asleep). It’s 0800, 28 degrees and snow, sleet, messiness. We knew last night that the guys would have a snow-day … and so glad they cancelled then as it really is not drivable out in front of our house.

So, this week’s plans are a tad cattywampus, for today and tomorrow at least.

And we actually need this interruption to our plans as our weekend was so darn hectic: Kit turned 14, dear friend got married (which necessitated a drive into “the belly of the beast” … aka, Northern Virginia), and our exchange student moved to live closer to school in hopes that it will make it easier for her to find a host family for next year. We already had a closely-scheduled dh-drives-here/I-meet-this-one-there/we-trade-off-then kind of weekend. We got the call that Bunny would be moving this weekend on Saturday morning …. 45 minutes BEFORE leaving for the wedding. When we got home from said wedding, we had to start Bunny on packing (it’s amazing how much stuff she has) … while dh and I took Kit for bday dinner. Sunday we had to take Bunny to get her sports physical for Track … Hambone needed stuff for lacrosse (he’s on JV) … HotRod needed soccer stuff and Kit and I had planned a day antiquing in F’burg. When you live 45 minutes from everywhere … all this running around in heavily trafficked areas wears you out; good thing we could all sleep in this morning!

Bunny left Sunday afternoon and I’ve already heard from her twice — she’s missing us already. It was quite interesting having Bunny here; but, she’ll be happier nearer to school and able to hang with folks who think like her: studying should be done in absolute silence … Chinese food in America is AMERICAN Chinese and not authentic … sharing room, bathroom, house is not a good thing. I think she enjoyed the experience, but most often we were not in her comfort zone.

So today, in lieu of school, we’ll be cleaning and re-organizing and baking (only to keep the house warm, of course … HAH!) and knitting and cuddling on couches to read. Once the snow stops (not looking like it is going to anytime time), dh will take the kids sledding …

The rest of the week is up in the air until we know what school days will happen. Assuming they are back to school Wednesday, lacrosse practice every afternoon, lacrosse scrimmage on Saturday, beginning of soccer for HotRod … and general mayhem for the rest of us. Lent starts Wednesday, so we’ll be trying to get to daily Mass at 0730 … a great start for our day … as well as attending the soup-suppers on Friday evenings before Stations.

How are your plans shaping up … is the snow an interruption for you or a “keep on keepin’ on”?

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