Before I start this week’s yarn-along, I’d like to ask you all a little favor: I am in the midst of deciding on a design for a design-along … here’s the post that explains what I’m talking about. Would you take a minute and complete a really quick poll (the link is on the bottom of the post mentioned). THANKS! I just can’t decide so I thought I’d ask y’all!

I wanted to show y’all the finished objects I’ve been showing you bits and pieces of:

Ever Warm ... Ever Cozy ... Ever Green Jacket

Outstanding in the Field blanket (48" x 42")

ETA: 06/03/2011: “Outstanding in the Field” is available.
ETA: 06/04/2011: “Ever Warm …. Ever Cozy …. Ever Green” is NOW available.

Here’s my yarn-along this week:

On the book table:

Yarn-along June 1, 2011

We are LOVING The Penderwicks at Point Mouette — a wonderful lead-in to summer reading! This is the third in the Penderwick series and Birdsall does a great job of not making her story-lines repetitive; she keeps the characters growing and developing and the events within the three books are different, but all good. I’ve just started reading the apocalyptic novel The Seraph Seal … it’s a tightly woven plot that (so far) is really a gripping tale! I’m enjoying reading a non-fluffy fiction story!

On the needles:
Well, almost on the needles: see that lovely pile of wisteria-colored eco-wool from Cascade? I just received the yarn yesterday (perfect timing since I took the Outstanding in the Field blanket off the needles last night!) and am anxious to get designing and knitting a hoodie — shh … it’s a secret. When you design for publication, often the publisher/editor doesn’t want you to show the design anywhere … in any form … or even mention for whom you’re designing until after publication. This seems silly to me as I think the more “buzz” the better the design will be received. However, since they sent the yarn … and I’ll get paid for the design at publication … I’ll behave and only show the yarn …. it’s just too beautiful to hide for now!

What’s on your needles and on your book table? Won’t you come yarn-along with Ginny and the others? Also, any comments or advice on my work is always greatly appreciated … feel free to leave comments below!

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