Cousin's Chemo Cap in Stroll

… a chemo cap done in KP’s Stroll (75% superwash merino/25% nylon) in the Jester Multi colorway.

back of Cousin's Chemo Cap

A friend’s 24yo-cousin was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and has been undergoing chemo treatments. He asked if I could knit a cap for her, offering to pay for it. In lieu of a prayer shawl, I decided to knit a prayer cap for Jimmy’s cousin, which I gift to her with prayers for continued remission of the insidious cancer.

After searching on Ravelry for a good pattern, I latched on to the Truffle pattern as a particularly lovely, feminine but warm cap.

But since I have the HARDEST time following directions, I changed it up a bit — working from the top down (CO 12 sts and increasing to 120 rather than ending with 12sts!) and adding a picot BO rather than the k3p2 rib that Susanna has on her hat. The picotBO I worked was simply a {[BO 2, ch 2, BO3]4x, BO5} rep a total of 4 times, than end with [BO 2, ch 2, BO3]4x. Next time, I won’t use a multi for this lovely hat — the delicate mock-cable rib is lost in the color changes — but I still like this one and think it’s beautiful. BTW, the cap took a little more than half the skein of Stroll, or 130yds of fingering weight yarn.

Jimmy’s cousin was in my thoughts and prayers as I knit this cap … and will continue in my thoughts and prayers as long as she wears the cap!

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