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Yarn-along: September 26, 2012

after 50, you just start over again ….

So, today is the day after my 51st birthday. 51 is such a non-event … it’s not even a prime number for pete’s sake! But dh and the kids made it fun: dh left me a note in the morning not to make dinner (wow, what a gift that was!) and then came home early with steaks to barbeque … salad fixin’s … and NY-style cheesecake! The kids and I decided that rather than rushing thru dinner to get to MFL rehearsal and TaeKwonDo practice … we’d play hooky! And we did. After a sumptuous repast, we watched the kids’ gift: The Avengers on blu-ray. WOW … I loved that movie when we watched it last Spring … and I really loved enjoying it in my living room while knitting and chatting with my family.

Mushishi Wrap (in Apple) … blocking

As for knitting … I finished my Mushishi Wrap … and this morning I’m blocking it. The design has a mock-turtleneck composed of an eyelet rib … which then flows into a fish-scale pattern (with the eyelet rib following the shoulder line) that creates a nice, scalloped edge. Mushishi (from Plymouth) is a wool(95)/silk(5) worsted-weight blend that knits up beautifully. The greens in this particular colorway are GORGEOUS! I’m not sure what I’ll call this design … but I’m anxious to wear it as the mornings and evenings chill down and the colors in this are MY colors.

During the movie, I cast on my next project — Blue Ridge Mountains shawl — which will go from a creamy white, thru 3 shades of blues and end with a navy blue … just like the BR mountains! I’m excited for this one as I’ve been planning it a while and just now have time to cast it on.

As far as reading .. we’re mostly done with The Heroes Guide to Saving Your Kingdom which I’m getting bored with but the kids love so I continue to slog through it. I just find it repetitive but with family read-alouds, sometimes you just have to compromise. Our next read-aloud will be of my choosing, though! Dh’s school librarian suggested my read this week — Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. This is an interesting book about Communist China, re-education of city boys (sent off to rural areas to work and receive communist indoctrination), and the finding of a cache of Western literature classics which have been translated into Chinese. These books are strictly forbidden in newly Communist China, so the boys (young men, really) devour them in secret. A fun and educational read! The author, Chinese born Dai Sijie, was himself “re-educated” between 1971-74, and has since emigrated to France.

In last week’s post, I showed the nearly finished Aran blanket (and matching cap) … here’s a link to the pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy.

So what’s on your needles and reading table? Won’t you come play along with us …

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