Pricipal Sr. Mary Jordan gives Rick the first-ever, Christ the Teacher award.

Pricipal Sr. Mary Jordan gives Rick the first-ever Christ the Teacher award.

On Tuesday, May 28th, my dh received the singular honor of being the first recipient of the Christ the Teacher award at Pope John Paul the Great High School. This is the first year the award (voted on by students, faculty and parents) has been presented. The award is given to a teacher who is a living example of Christ to students, peers and families.

This is from the JP the Great Update that is sent out weekly:

Principal’s Message: Christ the Teacher Award

After reading the nominations from our current seniors, faculty, staff members, and parents, the selection committee chose Dr. Gildersleeve to be the first recipient of the Christ the Teacher Award. Here are a few comments taken from the nominations which characterize Dr. Gildersleeve’s impact on members of the school community:

  • He teaches in a fair and inspirational way.
  • He includes all people in his class discussions, loving each student with compassion.
  • In the classroom, he ties the richest elements of popular culture to the life of virtue.
  • He is on-board with support of our Options program.
  • He constantly witnesses to God’s Glory and the beauty of creation.
  • He went out of his way to help me when I was struggling.
  • He was always available after school to help with any problem or question.
  • He was tough on me, but made me a better student.
  • He is incredibly funny for such a serious man.
  • He respects every student and treats each of them like a son of Christ.

Congratulations to Dr. Gildersleeve, who will give the Baccalaureate Address to seniors this year.

No one deserves this more than Rick, but he is too humble to believe he could have been the recipient. When he came home, he mumbled something about “some folks stood” … I found out the next day that in fact the entire audience stood and cheered when his name was announced.

This is what happens when you joyfully embrace God’s will. Rick is a gift to us and a gift to his school … so wonderful to see when others notice, too!

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