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Yarn-along: December 12,2012Yarn-along: December 12,2012

Yarn-along: December 12,2012Yarn-along: December 12,2012

Wow … 6 days till Christmas but I’m just about ready. How ’bout you?

This year I’ve really kicked into high gear to knit most of my gifts. And this yarn-along is all about the knitting I’ve done this week. We haven’t had much time for reading with Kotch home from college … baking and crafting … and generally getting in the Holiday spirit … so we’ll just “stick to our knitting”. I love Advent … I don’t feel pressured to get all the decorating done until Christmas Eve, so I can enjoy the smells and sights of all the prep-work.

But on to the knitting!

As you can see above, I was quite prolific this week:

  1. A vest for dh — the yarn is Kraemer’s Summit Hill in “pyrite” (100% washable wool)
    A Christmas Vest

    A Christmas Vest

  2. A couple of scarves for dear ladies — the one on the left is from Lorna’s Laces (silk/bamboo blend) while the one on the right is Adriafila’s DuoPlus Comfort (wool/cotton blend)
    Scarves for some dear women in my life ...

    Scarves for some dear women in my life …

  3. Legwarmers and a matching cap for my great-niece — the yarn is Plymouth’s Jelli Beenz (a wool/acrylic … and thus WASHABLE … blend)
    Legwarmers (and cap) for 'liza

    Legwarmers (and cap) for ‘liza

  4. Buddy and Li’l Buddy for my godson who is soon to have a little brother/sister. He will be two in February so I made these extra sturdy — all in one-piece with button-eyes secured … completely throw-able … pull-able … yank-able … and cuddle-able, the one on the left is done in Kraemer’s Summit Hill (100% washable wool) and the one on the right is done in Knit Picks Cot-lin. Don’t you just love the little guys (their bodies are about 6-1/2 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches tall … and their limbs (knitted-in) are perfect for little ones to hold (or teeth on!).
    Buddy and Li'l Buddy

    Buddy and Li’l Buddy

  5. Last of the gift-knitting (I think … I keep waking up with ideas for gifts!) is the red shawl done in Eco-Plus, a heavy worsted wool from Cascade. I’m about half-done with the shawl … and I think it’s going to be a stunner!
    Close-up of the Christmas Cozy

    Close-up of the Christmas Cozy

Fun stuff, huh? All these patterns will eventually get posted … once the holiday rush ends. I’m also thinking of putting together an e-book of Christmas knit-gifting of these and other designs … 24 days of knits! I’ll keep you posted.

Next week, at this time, we’ll have started Christmas Celebrations in my house … some of these items will have been given by then and I’ll turn to new designs for the late-winter, early spring. I’ll try to post a final 2012 yarn-along … Please have a safe and lovely end of Advent and beginning of the Christmas season ….

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