St. Clare of Assisi

Today is my feast day! My middle name is “Clare” (much to my chagrin growing up as being taunted with “eclair” or “may kay” all my growing up years is still a tough memory). As I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve found that I really like Clare of Assisi … she was a faith-filled woman who did what she thought was right. She is someone to emulate. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI, quoted in his book, Holy Women (which I’m just about to review):

Clare practiced heroically the virtues that should distinguish every Christian: humility, a spirit of piety, and penitence and charity.

Clare was all about love — Love of God, Love of others and through those loves, Love of self.

St. Clare, please pray for me today …help me to exhibit the virtues of humility, piety and especially, charity!

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