Maggie invited me to go see “Isn’t It Romantic” a Rom-Com making fun of Rom-Coms and still IS a Rom-Com. This movie is just a lot of fun with the acting skills of Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth (Chris’ brother), and Adam Devine … as well as all the other supporting characters … shining forth in a story that boils down to “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself”

We had fun.

But knowing that I would be in a movie theater for a little over two hours, I knew I’d need a knitting project that would be “blind” while making something useful.

Usher in the Movie Time Cowl:

Movie-Time Cowl – so easy you can make most of it while watching a movie!

Using two strands of bulky weight yarn, size US #15 circs, this is a quick and fun knit and makes a wonderfully cozy cowl that ends up at 30-inches around by 9-inches high.

The directions are here if you’d like to try your own. I literally did the bulk of the knitting while in the theater: knitting in the round in the dark is easy-schmeasy. When I got home, I then did about an hour’s worth of work to bind-off while laddering-down-hooking back up after every 4 stitches.

Not only do I love the look of the “k stitch on the purl side” because it breaks up the pooling from the multi-colored yarn but the cowl actually lies flat thanks to this stitch. Remember, stockinette, while lovely and smooth on the knit side, will curl top and bottom. That’s a fact and you can’t change that (which is why most pieces will have rib or some such at the bottom and top … as well as (for a flat piece of knitting) side borders.

You can see in the “2-hours in a theater” picture (upper left) how the hem of the cowl is curling, even before it’s taken off the needles. In the two bottom pictures, the hem lies flat.


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