On March 25, 1999 … Rick and I said “yes” … yes to each other and yes to God …

Raleigh, NC -- 2001

Maggie (1), Catie (9), Joe (11), Thomas (2) Raleigh, NC — May 2001

Yes … to blending our two families and starting one of our own …

Christening in Gaming, Austria - December 12, 2002

Christening in Gaming, Austria – December 12, 2002

Yes … to being open to life even though we were “old”

Graduation Day - May 3, 2003

Graduation Day – May 3, 2003

Yes … to living on a student’s income while dh got a Masters degree in theology … in Austria

Denver, CO 2006

Denver, CO 2006

Yes … to moving to Denver … a leap of faith amid no job, no house and dwindling savings …
even though we really wanted to move back to Austria

Life in Virginia - October 2008

Life in Virginia – October 2008

Yes … to yet another leap of faith …
moving to Virginia in a buyers’ market
with a house still in Denver that finally sold 13 months later (closing on JPtheGreat’s birthday).

Life at the Lake - September 2009

Life at the Lake – September 2009

Yes … to living far away from work
in order to live surrounded by God’s beauty at the Lake

Children, grandchildren and a nephew -- Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Yes … to loving, living and learning with our children near us …
blended families merging into one …
and embracing all God has to offer

Notre Dame de L'Alliance

Notre Dame de L’Alliance

We could never have done all that we have done … all that we do … all that we will do without always remembering to say “yes” … to each other and, especially, to God. This icon is a perfect image of what marriage is all about: husband, wife, and Jesus placed squarely in the center … under Mary’s protective mantle.

May Our Lady of the Wedding Covenant guide and protect all couples who have pledged their troth to each other and God …

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