Here is the final design in The Brigid Collection … Nollag Seal (or “Christmas Shawl” in Irish) is a celebration of all that is uniquely Celtic — lots of cables and twists and textured stitches in a garment that flows from the hood to the hem. Knit with three skeins of Eco+ (a slightly heavy worsted wool from Cascade) in a lovely scarlet, this is going to be my go-to garment throughout the holidays and on into the dark and dreary days of deep winter.

A nice-sized hood, cuddly neck ribbing and hidden increases, allow for this to feel like a favored blanket wrapped around you. This design is not for the faint of heart … the printed pattern is 15 pages … but for those who love a challenge, this is it! 4-stitch cables, plaited cables, twisted stitches, Aran diamonds and seed stitch are scattered throughout. This is definitely a celebration of all things Celtic!

What do you think?

The pattern took a bit to write-up since the stitches are so intricate and the hidden increases have to be described every time — thus the length of the printed pattern. But if you’ve done cables with multiple repeats and aren’t a timid knitter, you should be fine with this one. And I’m never further than an email or Rav-message away from helping you thru any difficulties.

The Brigid Collection

For this and my other designs in The Brigid Collection, head over to the gallery page. Prayers of thanksgiving to St. Brigid of Ireland, my patron saint for this past year; her patronage helped inspire me to create a baker’s dozen of designs.

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