Kit and Celeste - April 3, 2014

Kit and the youngest – April 3, 2014

Well, good morning! It’s 41 at almost 0900 and rainy; but at least it’s not below-freezing and snowing, right?

Last week was an amazingly hectic week. My 22yod nannies for a family with 5 kids — ranging in age from 7 down to just about a year. She can handle it (cuz her mama raised her right!). That being said, last week, both parents were out of town all week on business trips so the kiddoes and I decided it would be a grand time to visit.

Wow! I’d forgotten how often little ones get up in the middle of the night, cry, need someone to do something for them … or just generally need! Needless to say, we didn’t get much done but we sure had fun playing with the little sprites.

So, this week is going to be uber-organized, and uber-productive. Right?!!!?

On the knitting front: I’ve got two design-samples done (with their accompanying directions and peripherals) so those will go out to the magazines in tomorrow’s post. I’m quite excited. When they’re published, I’ll have a design in next fall’s Downton Abbey Knits 2 and one in the summer issue of Knitter’s! Woo hoo ….

I also was able to finish up the article that will be published in Enchanted Knits (a special interest knitting magazine from Interweave). All of the pieces of that (including a special knitting chart I created) will go off today.

It’s all very exciting.

I’m currently working on a sweater for publication in Cast On! as well as just finished up some submissions for the latest 101 One-Skein Wonders books (I have a design in the Designers and one in the latest, Lace, in the series). I also plan on finishing and sending off this week a submission for next Spring’s issue of Knitscene.

This weekend, I’ll be down in Bedford at the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire … helping Jane in her Spring Gate booth. Come on down and visit if you can.

I love my job!

On the school front — we’re slowly winding down the year. With Holy Week next week and Easter Break the week after, we’ll put formal school work on hold. The focus during Holy Week needs to be on the sacrifices of Our Lord … thru self-sacrifice. Then the partying begins on Easter Sunday! So, this week we’ll get lots of school and reading and fun stuff done. JP has soccer (well, maybe not tonight with the rain we’re getting) Mon and Wed afternoon with a possible trip to the skating rink for homeschool skate time on Thursday. We also are trying to get to 0700 Mass each morning.

This weekend, we’ll be heading to JPGHS for their spring play, Fiddler on the Roof. It will be great for Kit and HotRod to see as we’re doing this at LoW this next fall … seeing it now will help them figure out who and what they want to do for the LoW version.

How is your week shaping up …. planned to the minute or willy-nilly? May God’s many blessings rest on you all …
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