I fought the idea of getting on MySpace or Facebook back when they first came out. They seemed not my thing … too big, too impersonal, and directed to the young. My teens (at the time) got on and really enjoyed it. They kept suggesting I join in, too.

It just didn’t seem my thing.

Now, I am an FB convert. I have a personal account where I have been able to reconnect with folks from all over the world … folks I knew during our sojourn in Austria … folks from high school, college and grad school … folks from living in NC, SC, CO and now Virginia. It’s great fun. I also have a page for my knitting-design work (if you haven’t already, please “like” it and join in the fibery fun), which is a great social outlet for spreading the word about my designs, my teaching and my writing about my favorite craft.

I actually find FB a great resource: a great place to connect with past and present friends … a great place to market my work.

One thing that pops up every so often on FB is the memes or “chain letter” type posts. Yesterday, Kotch linked me to a beautiful art idea: “The idea is to occupy Facebook with art, breaking the monotony of photos of lunch, sushi and sports. Whoever likes this post will receive an artist and has to publish a piece by that artist with this text.” I enjoyed selecting artists for friends who had “liked” my Children Playing on the Beach by Marie Cassatt.

Today there was a quiz, “What Career Should You Have” that was incredible. Here’s what I got:

The funny thing is that over the last month or two, I’ve been rethinking my “career” choices and wondering if I shouldn’t give up on the knitting design work and get a real job. The state of the economy … which is going to get worse before it gets better … has got dh and I thinking about how to augment our income. He’s a Catholic high school teacher and I homeschool and design hand-knits. We aren’t extravagant … we both drive vehicles with over 150K miles … I shop at Wal-mart and thrift stores … we cover our needs and some of our wants but would like to do more. I did apply for a full-time position (non-knitting related) that I didn’t get.

Now I’m thinking that I’m “supposed” to stay with the knitting work … working harder and smarter to get my designs into knitter’s hands … designs that many folks really like and want to knit.

Bottom line: I’ve got a renewed sense of purpose … partially spurred by this FB quiz this morning … that I should be a designer. I love the challenges … the other fiber folks in the industry … the chance to meet and greet with knitters who span the spectrum from newbies to experts … the chance to push my craft into art-level work …

This will also allow me to continue to homeschool Kit and HotRod … something I can’t do if I work full-time outside the home.

You just never know where you’re going to get “the answer”!

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