Soon to be published:  February Squared!

Soon to be published: February Squared!

I have actually been quite busy this February … since last I posted!

We’ve had horrendously bad weather — snow, ice, sub-zero temps … you’d think we were in the North East rather than Virginia. But it’s also meant snowdays from school and lots of family time. So, in the final analysis, February has been a splendidly marvelous month.

I’ve finished two designs:

  1. one a zipped cardigan that I haven’t even started writing up as a pattern (but will, no fear)
  2. one a square shawlette, inspired by one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s February designs in her Knitter’s Almanac. My design is quite fun and I’ve given you a sneak peek in the picture above! I tried to get it published today but ran into technical difficulties. I’ll let y’all know as soon as this one goes live …

I’ve started on another design … a poncho done in Schaeffer Anne and the colorway Elizabeth Zimmermann (and yes, it goes with some of my inspired knitting for the year!). Lots of plans in the works for other designs … just not enough time.

I’ve also been busy working on an online grad-school course in library sciences; the course is all about reference/research in the school library. So far (we’re on week 7) just about every week I’ve learned something I can use at school to improve our library. It’s been a blast. I have a huge project looming at the end of March … a book trailer that will require a homemade video, etc … that I’m a bit nervous about starting … so have done little on it. HamBone has offered to lend his expertise, so all will be well … I hope.

Lent started with me finishing St. Terese’s autobiography; making it perfect timing to start her Way of Perfection. So perfect for Lenten reading.

Today, I finally received Michael Pearson’s Traditional Knitting, a book that has been out-of-print almost as long as I’ve been knitting! I have searched for years for this book and could never find it. Dover has finally reprinted this little gem and Pearson has added more information to the text. I am off to bed to read all about one of my favoritest subjects!

Enjoy ….
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