Bunny tales

Good morning … we are starting a new feature today titled “Bunny Tales”.

On Friday we added a new member to our family: a lovely, teen-aged, exchange student from China. She speaks English quite well and is very smart. She is very friendly and altho she is an only child, has settled into a house with a new sister and two new brothers quite easily. She is part of the family already.

a new family member that fits right in

a new family member that fits right in

Her nickname is Bunny and she is from Fuzhou, across the water from Taiwan. map of Fuzhou She will be an 11th grader at dh’s school and travel back and forth with Hambone (a 9th grader this year) and dh … commuting that no one is looking forward to .. but to be able to participate in the community at school is well-worth all the hassles with getting up early (0’dark:30) and going the distance.

Bunny came bearing gifts, including a glorious scroll from her parents as a thank you for our hosting her. The scroll wishes luck to all who do not focus on the fleeting riches of this world, but rather look to always do the good. It is now hanging in a place of honor in our living room:
08172013 a She also brought us a lovely tea-set with lots of Chinese tea — a set we inaugurated Sunday morning after Mass with full ceremony … wow!

You will be hearing much about Bunny as she becomes more and more a part of our family over the next 10 months … we are all very excited about this new chapter in the book of our lives …

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