So this week was Spirit Week at school … leading up to the Homecoming Game on Friday night and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday. We were busy! Each day of the week was a different “theme”, which means the kids are out of uniform and a tad goofy. The teachers got to join in the fun on Friday … just in time for the Pep Rally that House of More planned (to much acclaim) which led us right up to Friday afternoon.

We had volleyball practice ending at 4:30, then I went up to the gym and helped decorate for the dance, than out to the field for Friday Night Lights and football.

It was a disappointing game though – we lost 40-0 and guess we shouldn’t have done that on-side kick at the beginning of the first quarter (who does that … especially with high school boys who may or may not have practiced it much ahead of time). It was ugly … but so nice to see many alumni and chat with students and parents and revel in the late-summer night.

Catie picked up JP from school (after the game) and kept him at her apartment all weekend … a weekend filled with going to the zoo, cooking, baking and even roasting coffee beans for dh’s birthday … so cool to have older siblings!

Homecoming Court at half-time ... October 7, 2016

Homecoming Court at half-time … October 7, 2016

Thomas, second football player from the right, was in the Homecoming Court … one of 16 seniors chosen from the student body of 750+ (150+ seniors). His girlfriend was also on the Court (but wasn’t his partner in this pic).

Here they are at half-time:

Thomas and Alexandra ... a very sweet couple ...

Thomas and Alexandra … a very sweet couple …

Maggie ready to head out to dance ...

Maggie ready to head out to dance …

Saturday, we spent all day at school: Maggie had a cross-country meet so needed to be at school at 8:15 for the bus; Thomas and I had volunteered to help finish up the gym-decorating (and after 3.5 hours, we were finished and the Arabian Nights theme was complete). Up to the Library to finish up bits and pieces than drop off T for dinner at Alexandra’s, Maggie at iHop with her group, and back to school to chaperone the dance.

Thomas and Alexandra halfway thru the Dance, ready to come in for the Court

Thomas and Alexandra halfway thru the Dance, ready to come in for the Court

Grabbed a shot of Thomas and Alexandra as they were setting up to walk in as part of the Homecoming Court … so very cute. This pic was caught after they’d been in the gym, dancing up a storm. So very cute, huh?

Rick’s birthday, the night of Homecoming, meant that he was with some 580+ of his favorite people (including some students who brought him a carrot cake to celebrate). He enjoyed acting the star of the dance … and offered many “vegetable servings” from his birthday cake. Father celebrated Mass at midnight and we headed home around 12:45 … tired but knowing that we had created some amazing memories.

So glad to be able to sleep in on Sunday morning (thanks, Father!) and then dh and I headed out to look for potential buy/lease options up closer to school since it looks like we are SELLING the house here. Purchasers stopped by on Sunday afternoon to bring the purchase agreement … so now it just waits till inspection and, God willing, we’ll be able to close at the end of October. PRAYERS much appreciated!

I’ve been able to get alot of knitting done this weekend: on a cashmere scarf commission from Jane at Spring Gate … a fun design that is going on quickly and is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to finish and show you all what it looks like.

Today, a holiday for us, allowed us to sleep in. This is the first Fall-like day we’ve had: 43 degrees when I woke up at 7 (a REAL sleep in for us)! Love the Fall!

Blessings and prayers for all your intentions!
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