St. Andrew Novena Prayer

St. Andrew Novena Prayer

I’m sure you’ve heard of this Catholic devotion: praying the St. Andrew Prayer 15 times each day from St. Andrew’s feast day (Nov 30th) thru Christmas Eve.

Yep …. 30 days x 15times each day = a whopping 450 times you’ll recite this prayer.

I’ve been doing this annual novena the last few years … and have read numerous stories from friends, acquaintances and strangers about the efficacy of this novena. This is the FIRST year I actually prayed the 15 times each day … (I’m not good with rules and remembering things I “have to do”).

But this year I prayed the full novena … every day since November 30th … 15times during the day.

And you know what?

About half-way thru the novena, I started thinking something … something that came to full understanding by the end of the novena: no matter what I’m praying for … or why I started praying the novena … or even whether I finish the novena perfectly (saying the lovely prayer a total of 450 times)… all that doesn’t matter.

The important thing is to realize that I’ve spent time, of my own volition, praying for discernment … asking for help … trying to understand God’s will for me and mine. That’s the blessing of this amazing novena — whether I get the house sold … or my child comes back to the Church … or we get the wherewithal to obtain whatever …

all that doesn’t matter

as long as I am trying my darnedest to do God’s will … all else will fall into place.

God bless you all … on this Christmas Day and throughout 2015. May we all grow in holiness and closeness to God … to try and discern God’s will … and to (and this is the hard part for me, sometimes) joyfully embrace God’s will!

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