I am thankful for:

  • Day 1: my dear husband who keeps me on the straight path (even when I don’t want to be) and loves me even when I’m not very lovable
  • Day 2: my youngest, HotRod, the gift of my old age (I was 41 when he was born), our life-time souvenir of our sojourn in Austria; he keeps me young with his antics and I always know what teams did what to whom for ANY sport!
  • Day 3: my younger daughter, Kit, whose beauty and grace is almost as amazing as her quirky sense of humor; she is often my muse for creative pursuits.
  • Day 4: my middle son, HamBone, whose love of family and God is an amazing witness; he always gives 110% and is the most loving teenager I’ve ever met.
  • Day 5: my older daughter, senior in college and becoming such a wonderful adult woman. We had our rocky patches during her teen years and yet she’s the one who always calls, who is prouder of her family and what they do then anyone. What an amazing woman is about to break into the world come May 2013!
  • Day 6: my first born, a man whom I haven’t seen in a while but who I know loves us all almost as much as we love him; a staunch and loyal friend who is making his own way in this crazy world, trying to do the good.
  • Day 7: living in a country where a highly adversarial, contentious election can occur and the next day we’re still cranking along, no gunfire, no police action, no riots.
  • Day 8: living in a country where, over 200 years ago, our founders established a Constitution which protects our freedoms while still allowing for the good of all; that Constitution is just as valid and truth-filled today as it was in 1787 … let us not forget to protect these rights!
  • Day 9: God’s providence that allows me to be home with the younger three, homeschooling and nurturing them in the heart of our home to know the Good, the True and the Beautiful in the midst of an often-ugly world.
  • Day 10: my part-time job at my LYS, a job that lets me knit, talk about knitting and be surrounded by fiber while also getting PAID!
  • Day 11: the men and women who stepped up and gave their “fiat” to protect our country and freedom/democracy throughout the world even when people tell them this war or that war is “wrong”; these are folks who put it on the line for us all time after time
  • Day 12: days off when I’d forgotten about them; days when dh is home and we’re all doing the good together
  • Day 13: TKD practice which, altho keeping me out later than I prefer, is still only 5-10minutes from the house and led by a wonderful role-model for my boys (besides giving me knitting time)
  • Day 14: my FIL’s safe journey through a shoulder replacement; for his surgeons and nurses and all those who kept him safe during the procedure
  • Day 15: Confirmation Club and all the lovely girls who come to learn more about their faith
  • Day 16: Fridays that are also feast days (St. Margaret of Scotland) so we can have a C-cubed day: crafts, chores and cinema
  • Day 17: mornings when all are out early …. but I am home and can work on finishing a major knitting project in peace
  • Day 18: early morning Mass … seeing good friends … and having the whole day ahead to revel in “keeping holy the Sabbath”
  • Day 19: finished knitting projects … and having one or two just waiting to be started
  • Day 20: kids old enough to help with prepping for a road-trip and helping with the holiday baking
  • Day 21: family that we love so much that ALL of us are anxious to go visit … even if it does take 10 hours to get there
  • Day 22: Christmas trees and the 15th anniversary of dh and I getting a tree together … and getting engaged by the end of the day
  • Day 23: favorite SIL who willingly takes Kit and I on a “lady’s day”, showing us all the wonders of shopping WITHOUT the boys
  • Day 24: low traffic the Saturday after Turkey-day so we could get home on a lovely, sunny, wintry day with little (actually, no) mishaps or problems
  • Day 25: celebrations of Christ, the King of All; our Catholic faith that reminds us Who is truly in charge
  • Day 26: gas logs that take the chill off the air … and dh who makes sure it’s on when he gets up at 0’dark:30
  • Day 27: new knitting students and being able to turn them on to my fiber fascination
  • Day 28: knitting designs posted and well-received by other knitters … I love my God-given talent!
  • Day 29: nieces and great-nephews … esp for Damien James Gucker who finally decided to grace us with his presence
  • Day 30: my life … with its daily share of crosses and joys … its ups and downs … its worries and its blessings — God is so amazingly good to me and mine
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