school-journalWell, this week was the beginning of many ends:

First, we had our last two aways games for volleyball – one at Fredericksburg Christian on Monday and than the other against Trinity Christian (Fairfax); our JV lost at Fredericksburg and won against Trinity but our Varsity technically lost both – but the sets they played against Trinity Christian (ranked FIRST in their conference) were amazing sets and some of the best volleyball I’ve seen in years. This was the last away game for our seniors … a bittersweet game.

Maggie had her final cross-country meet at the Catholic States down in Newport News on Tuesday. She shaved another two minutes off her personal record for the 3.2 and really enjoyed being gone ALL DAY for an athletic event. While Maggie was “running like the wind”, JP had his final soccer game of the season, beating #1 ranked (and undefeated for the past few years) 3-2 Holy Cross. He was walking on cloud nine and Rick stopped to recharge him with Potbelly Subs!

Thomas’ football had a bye week to get ready for their final game … senior night against long-term rival Bishop Ireton this coming Friday (a game that his FAVORITE aunt and uncle are coming to see).

Friday, a professional development day (which means all the students had the day off and faculty/staff had meetings) meant that Rick and I headed out to look at possible townhouse rentals (we are closing on the sale, God willing, on the 8th and hopefully leasing a townhouse right after) and found the perfect one. We had our Senior Volleyball banquet … a night of emotions and great food.

Thursday was the official end of the 1st quarter … a quarter that has been long and hectic and fraught with issues. But, also a quarter that has been a great one of personal growth for us all and just a great time with lots of athletics and personal fun stuff. I wouldn’t change anything and have many memories to put in my “backpack”. Too much driving for much knitting … but it’s all good.

Love working at the high school … and having three teens with whom to share my experiences … and just generally having all things looking up!

Hope your week was as fun and fulfilling and wonderful.
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