Resting before climbing back up ... and up ... and up!

Well … not exactly …

After morning Mass and a quick breakfast, we headed to Shenandoah National Park. It’s really nice having such lovely mountains within an hour drive from the house (which is enough time to get some serious knitting done but not so long the kids start whining).

I had picked up the latest edition (published Mar 2012) of Hiking Shenandoah National Park for dh … since he loves to hike and is always trying to get us (well … me, primarily) out of the house and into the mountains. This book is great because it has not only up-to-date info about the hikes, it’s got clear pictures and descriptions of what you’ll see, elevations and other interesting historical and botanical info.

He’d chosen a good hike for us — 2.9 mile round-trip from the trail head, down to Corbin Cabin (built by John Corbin in 1910), and then back up. The hike down was definitely downhill — 1000 ft difference from top to bottom — and back up again.

Confession: I thought I was going to die, especially since the last half mile or so I was tantalized by the sounds of the road above where I KNOW the car is and surely it’s just around the next stretch … or not!

We had glorious weather even though rain/t-storms were forecast for the day. We did get rained on … but just enough to cool us … and had perfect hiking weather and a wonderful time (especially once I got back to the van … I am NOT in shape for this kind of hike but will be soon since we bought a seasons pass to Shenandoah National and there are over 50 hikes included in the book I bought for Rick).

We had a blast …

The view from Stony Man pull-off (mile-marker 39)

Who would have thought our youngest would thrive as a naturalist?

Spring just erupting at 3000ft

What a lovely color-combination!

On the way back down, we got a call from oldest son wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day … Kotch sent a perfect card (and called on Monday) … stepdaughter Jill facebooked me to wish me a happy Mother’s Day … all in all a superlative day!

How was your Mother’s Day … did you get out and about or stay inside and get pampered?

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