This past week was filled with amazing blessings….

1. The blessings of moving into our townhouse that will be home for at least the next two years …
2. The blessings of being able to go visit our dear family and spend Thanksgiving with them. Unfortunately, we weren’t all able to go as T had to work Black Friday and the weekend (the downside to working retail) and Catie opted to stay back and help schlep him to and from his crazy work hours (incl “black Friday” when he worked 11:00pm till 9:00am! on Thanksgiving till Friday morning.)
3. The blessings of all that is Ikea and the fact that their store is in our back yard (well, almost!) …

Dh and I had a blast on Sunday shopping at Ikea and finding this and that for the townhouse. Basically, furniture that we can move easily. We opted for a dining room table (with leaves that are hidden underneath) and chairs and bar stools … all in black-brown so all works together. I, being the wonder woman that I am, built 5 chairs, 3 barstools and 1 table … all on this Monday that we had off thanks to Bishop Loverde and his granting us a random day off (and kudos to Sr. MV who opted to give us ALL the day off on the Monday after Turkey Day … I could really get used to this)!

And because we missed a few things, Maggie and I headed over on Monday to pick up a few more miscellaneous things from Ikea including a desk for me … It is very satisfying making these items myself. The directions are relatively easy and I got down to about 20 minutes for the chairs and maybe 25 minutes for the bar stools. I am so proud of myself!

As far as other things … Nanowrimo ends on Wednesday and I am about 20k words short. But this is ok. I ran into technology issues trying to work on the book when we were on the endless road trip (10 hours average each way .. Google Drive offline is not as good as advertised but I got a bunch of knitting done on a new design, so it’s all good!) and then I have been in the midst of moving. That all said, I have over 30K written and will persevere as I think this is a good story. Who knows … maybe I will get this one published!

God is so very good!

Hope y’all had as memorable a week .. and that you had time to visit with loved ones!

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