... and thank goodness SOMEONE does ..

… and thank goodness SOMEONE does ..

Spring sport tryouts start this week … HamBone is trying out for lacrosse, a sport he’s never played formally. His coach, should he make the JV, is the same coach he had for basketball so that helps a bit as Coach knows the fire-in-the-belly approach HamBone takes with everything. Our exchange student will run track during the spring so as long their practices and games/meets coordinate, we’ll be good to go.

This week we’ll be finishing up our Olympic unit study with presentations on our countries: Russia (HotRod), Canada (Kit) and Norway (me). All three of our countries finished in the top 5 for medals … a win-win-win situation. We’re also slated to do a tour of our local Chick-fil-a (which includes meals for the kids) and homeschool PE finishes off the week.

The big news is that Kit will turn 14 on Saturday … the same day as a dear friend’s wedding.

On the knitting front, I’m in the midst of business-planning for my design work; this will include a trip to Indianapolis in May for the TNNA trade show. This is the show I’ve gone to for the last few years (with my LYS) … this year, the family will be footing the whole bill as my LYS won’t be coming. It’s an investment that dh and I have realized is important … but it’s also one of those “hmm … am I being selfish? Wouldn’t the money be better used elsewhere?” But dh is supportive and that helps ALOT! I’ll be able to pre-schedule some important appointments with movers/shakers in the fiber industry. Better finish up the plans, huh?

March starts on Saturday which means Lent is not far off. In preparation for St. Patrick’s day, I compiled an ebook of my Celtic-inspired knits and hope that does well. I’m planning lots of Celtic-inspired posts for the month … but can’t help wondering, “where the heck February went”!

Prayers for a lovely week for you all … share your plans in the comments if you have a mind to …
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