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On this 12th anniversary of the infamous 911 attacks, please, God, help us to always seek a peaceful solution … a long-lasting solution … help us to build bridges and relationships with this world you’ve placed us in. Prayers for all the victims who died 12 years ago … and more importantly, prayers for all those whom they left behind … please God, bless America and protect all her peoples against terrorist attacks.

Yarn-along - September 11, 2013

Yarn-along – September 11, 2013

Good morning … it’s going to be hot and muggy today but we’re still going to sally forth and have adventures with one of our favoritest visitors … more about that later. Right now (0700) it’s 75, overcast and high humidity … we will prevail!

This yarn-along is all about teaching — teaching the kids, teaching the girls, and teaching the knitters.

Teaching the kids: This is our second week of school, and we’ve started back with our read-alouds. Our current book is one we barely started last May … and never really got back to as the pull of the lake and sunny days was too distracting. Brotherband #3, The Hunters … what a fabulous story we’ve picked up again! We’re all enjoying it immensely … altho we miss HamBone being here telling us “oh, you’ll love this part”!

Teaching the girls: we’ve set up a crafty circle with Kit and a couple of her friends. Our goal is to make crafts for them to sell at the Mary’s Shelter Bazaar in November. One thing I thought they might like to do, is try the Knitting Board. This is basically nails put into 1×1’s, wrapped with yarn, and you end up with a knitted piece. I got a Knitting Board (this one allows you to “knit” flat and in the round and can go small to make socks, or large to make a sweater. The girls all know how to knit, but I thought they might like to try using the board for quickly making hats, scarves, even socks, to sell. The book, Knitting Board Basics, has some amazing (but very doable) designs and ideas for maximizing the output of the board … I think the girls will at least try this as an option. We’ll also do other crafty things — making notecards, painting things and generally reveling in the ability to create for others.

Teaching the knitters: I’m currently finishing up the projects for the classes I’ll be teaching at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival (September 28-29). As you can see from the picture, I finished two samples for the cable class: a bag (with long strap) which could also be a throw pillow and a child’s hat. Both projects are knit in superwash worsted-weight wool. I think my students are going to enjoy learning to make these. I am just about done with the sample for the colorwork class — a stranded, colorwork cowl. Here I show them how to use a skein of variegated with a complimentary solid to create a fancy fair-isle look with less work. The yarn is Heaven, a half merino/half silk blend, that is heaven to knit … but sadly, the manufacturer has discontinued this luscious yarn. The bit of light-sage green is a knitted-on lining to cover the stranded yarn on this 48-inch cowl, which will show when the cowl is worn.

BTW, if you are interested in taking any of the many classes offered at Shenandoah this year, you must be registered by Friday, September 13th ….no walk-ins will be allowed.

So what are you teaching … what are you learning … wanna share over at Ginny’s?

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