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Yarn-along: November 30, 2011 -- Christmas is coming ....

Happy Feast of St. Andrew!

And, if it’s the Feast of St. Andrew, Christmas is far behind … we actually have 24 shopping/crafting/cooking days until we stop and enjoy. That being the case, much of my knitting and reading is focused on crafting/cooking and getting ready to enjoy!

On the knitting front, with a long road-trip this past weekend, I got a lot of knitting done. The two items you see under Mrs. Claus are design-magazine submissions while the lovely lady herself is a shop model for Dog House Yarns. Mrs. Claus is so fun to make … I just have to knit up the pockets for her skirt and put her all together. If you look at the cover of the booklet here, you’ll see I’ve changed her up a bit (primarily because I didn’t have a lime green for the skirt) but I think she’s awfully cute! The shop has Santa, so we’ll reunite the jolly pair when I go to work on Saturday. [BTW, the black lump there above her shawl is Santa’s sack that will be filled with yarn balls and other knitterly things.]

On the reading front: our family read-aloud is a fabulous book titled The Future Door, by Jason Lethcoe. It’s the second in the No Place Like Holmes series but it stands on it’s own (we haven’t read the first one and have no problem understanding the background). This is a wonderful story of a hyper-observant teen and his inventive uncle who solve mysteries in Victorian England (even living in the flat next door to 221B Baker Street). It’s got a Christian element to the story-line that is subtle and very well-done. I’ll post a full review when we finish it …

My reading focuses on Christmas — our theme this year is A Pioneer Christmas so books like Kirsten’s Craft Book and Cookbook (especially with their St. Lucy crafts/food) and the Farm Chick’s Christmas are proving quite useful in the planning stages. We’ll really kick off preparations tomorrow, Dec 1st with most of our school days devoted to cooking, crafting and story-telling (and writing). It should be a real blast.

And because I can’t NOT read something about knitting … I’m dipping into For the Love of Knitting, edited by Kari Cornell — a fun read about all things knitterly. Debbie Bliss (one of my favorite designers) has a lovely collection of designs in Family Knits (many of which are done in cottons so for those of you wool-allergy-sufferers, check out her books!).

What’s on your reading table and your needles? Won’t you come play with us over at Ginny’s ….

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