Let’s play a game for a minute … what would your ideal job be? Seriously, if someone came along … call him the Holy Spirit, Serendipity or Fate … and dropped a job in your lap … what would that job look like?

Here’s my ideal job:

  • a comfortable, cozy, welcoming environment
  • a boss who consistently nurtures creativity and the good, the true and the beautiful
  • a place where I could be surrounded by color and fiber and books … all with an eye to using them for knitting (I know, right?!)
  • a place where I could talk about knitting just about the entire “shift”
  • wonderful customers who are as fiber-fanatic as I
  • Dog House Yarns in Culpeper, Virginia

    Well, guess where I just spent my Saturday?

    Yep, at a spot that fulfills my “ideal”: Dog House Yarns in Culpeper! I’ve got a part-time, help when needed, kind of job with a boss who not only understands fiber-fanaticism but also understands that I have a family that comes first. Dog House Yarns is one of those unique knit shops that does so much more than sell yarn — Rosanne has chosen gorgeous fibers (at all price points and made of variety of fibers), lovely tools of the trade, and the best of the books available; all while consistently building community amongst the employees, patrons and owners.

    What a dream come true for me! [Some of my long-time readers may remember that Dog House Yarns is the shop where I was the main speaker at a Spring Knitting Retreat as well as teaching a couple of small-group classes in the afternoon.]

    So what does your dream-job look like?

    Come on out and visit soon … whether I’m working at the time or not, you’ll have an amazing experience with folks who really know their stuff and want to encourage, nurture and create!

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