Two of my birthday cards - both hand-drawn (top by brother Paul and bottom card by daughter Catie)

Two of my birthday cards – both hand-drawn (top by brother Paul and bottom card by daughter Catie)

So … today I turned 55. Which, looking back on my years of life seems virtually impossible only because I don’t feel like 55: some days, I feel (and act) like I’m a kid and other times I feel WAY, WAY older.

But it is what it is and I had a sensationally, fulfilling birthday!

I took Friday as a personal day … just because I so wanted to sleep in for a change. And I did. Worked out well as Maggie was home sick so we could both sleep in and relax quite a bit.

Rick and JP had soccer after school so they didn’t get home till after 6pm and T had a football game and didn’t get back till 11:30-ish. So Maggie and I had a great day just hanging and relaxing (altho I did take a long walk to pick up Rick’s car from the shop that was in for an oil change … but didn’t need any other services so we lucked out on that one!).

Saturday, we had nothing but a BJ’s run in the morning and then relaxing and watching football and netflix-binging and more relaxing. LOVELY.

This morning started out with 7:30 Mass and then Rick and I met Cate for brunch at Eileen’s (a fabulous local bakery/restaurant with amazing food!). And she got me the PERFECT leather messenger/cross-body bag … absolutely exactly what I wanted. She came back to the house with us and the kids and Rick prepped a fabulous steak dinner … with a really nice red wine … coconut cake for dessert. [NOTE: Rick only put a 5 on the cake since … well … 55 candles! wouldn’t have fit on the small “we don’t eat sweets much” cake]. I also got phone calls, text messages and cards from brothers (thanks, Joe and Paul), in laws, and dear friends.

Sensational end to a fabulous weekend.

One last thing — we are FSBO’ing the house (tired of working with Realtors who want us to spend a fortune “staging” so that we can get top-dollar which they then take a huge chunk of) and we had two different folks interested in this house (which we have priced at foreclosure price without the foreclosure issues – we just want what we put in out of the house). One of the potential buyers decided against it (his 90 year old parents didn’t like the house …) while the other is proceeding. So prayers for all to go well and that we can find a great spot (closer to school, please God) to rent until we figure exactly what we want to do.

2016 website graphicThe week ahead includes three days of volleyball … football game at home this week … prepping for spirit week next week … and teaching at a fiber festival on Saturday (and demo’ing at the same festival on Sunday). A busy … but awesome … week ahead! Hope your week is as full of wonder and memory-making and enjoying those you love ….

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