Kit did the blue/sparkles and I did the more standard red

Who would have thought it?

Me … one who literally NEVER wears makeup … never blow-dries her hair (let alone, curls it) … never paints her nails …

Me … today I have a manicure and pedicure … the first I’ve ever had.

Why? My poor 12yo Kit has been having a surfeit of male-ness lately. I was in Ohio for 5 days and she was home with dh and her brothers (and some of their friends came by, too). I’ve been working more at the knitting shop and she has been home with dh and her brothers (and some of their friends came by, too). She’s had to go with me to Tae Kwon Do to watch her brothers.

And this is my girly-girl daughter: the one who from the day she could, chose pink. She’s always wanted to wear makeup, curl her hair, and paint her nails.

Not attractive feet, but the nails look great (me in red and Kit in blue sparkles)

So, feeling the need for a “ladies’ day”, I tried to think of something suitably girly-girl and for some reason (Divine Providence?) I stuck on the idea of a “spa day”, primarily to get a manicure and pedicure for Kit. I sought the advice of others and decided maybe I should try a mani/pedi too (I know, weird right … dh thought I’d hit my head and even Kit said, “really?!”). Kit and I spent the morning at Saigon Nails having amazing things done to our feet and hands (oh, and the massage chair has now made me revise my “must have” list).

Our ladies’ day ended with lunch at Salsarita’s: a memorable day for both of us!

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