time ...

time …

So just a quick post to explain why yesterday’s post was the FIRST post in two months. Isn’t that just ridiculous?

But please understand, it’s not from want of trying. It’s absolutely from want of time ….

I started a full-time job back in August: Director, Library Services at the high school. My first full-time job in 15+ years! 15+ years. Wow. It’s been a tad difficult getting used to working …. shopping …. laundering …. cooking …. and other errands/appointments that I could do for the past 15 years WHENEVER. Oh well.

So knitting has taken a bit of a back seat … I’ve had a couple of published designs in the past few months (including a cabled sweater in Cast On and a stranded-colorwork cowl that will be in an upcoming issue of Cast On, the cover (!) of Downton Abbey Knits) and a few self-published. And of course, I’ve kept my hand in teaching — at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival … where I taught a class on shawls and shawl-shaping … and the Spring Gate Workshop this past weekend.

I’ve got a couple of designs I haven’t even had a chance to post yet … which means y’all can’t knit ’em if I can’t post ’em.

let's get knitting!

let’s get knitting!

So my goal for the second half of November (and into December if needed) is to get cracking with the knitting again … to get designs posted … to post more here … and to fill your world with my fiber fanaticism.

Hope you enjoy the ride!sig block

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