Kit’s apron which says what we all believe!

Yesterday was dh’s 60th birthday … he had the day off (for Columbus Day) so we did the traditional his car in the shop for oil change/checkup and visit to the Miller Farm pumpkin patch with other homeschoolers. This is the one time of the year where dh can meet and hang with the homeschoolers .. and the one time of the year I see some of these lovely families. Always a good time but especially since we could celebrate Rick’s bday with so many.

Freshwater fishing license from the boys

The weather here in the Old Dominion has turned decidedly fall-ish … with daytime temps of 60 and nighttime in the low 40s. Perfect weather for one of Rick’s favorite dinners — apple-squash-and-sausage bake (with craisins thrown in for added antioxidants!) and salad with an amazing chocolate-chocolate cake for dessert.

The poor guy, though, we had to rush off to play rehearsal so he had his birthday night to himself. This may have been his best present!

Before we left though, we made sure we gave him his presents: Kit made him an apron, the boys gave him a year-long fishing license and I gave him the Ciarnan’s Cover and a few books on audio so he can take full advantage of his commute to school.

We really did have a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our favorite LSU alumnus!

Ciarnan’s Cover … a 5-foot diameter circle blanket for football viewing!

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