For the last few weeks we have started getting a bushel-basket of fresh produce from Miller Farms — we finally joined their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and we have been inundated with delicious, ripe, amazing fruit and vegetables.
Batter-Fried Summer Squash and Eggplant

Batter-Fried Summer Squash and Eggplant

Some stuff is easy to prepare — the bi-color corn (labeled, in our house, the best-tasting!) just needs heating and a bit of butter; the fresh blackberries get eaten up before they get to the refrigerator; the cukes make perfect summer salads and add a clean, fresh taste to cold tap water.

The bounty is amazing.

The problem is that we’ve been getting a plethora of summer squash — zucchini, crook neck, etc. We had a few ways of cooking them, but I put out a call on Facebook and got some great tried-and-true recipes from wonderful folks. We’ll try many of these of the never few weeks. That said, I really felt the need to try making batter-fried squash. This week in our CSA, we also got some white eggplant so I thought I’d try batter-frying those too.

Wow! The recipe turned out great and was actually relatively easy (but a tad time-consuming). The kids even liked it. The eggplant came out really well — softened wonderfully and really had a great taste.

Recipe Card - right click and save or print

Recipe Card – right click and save or print

If you make this … let me know what you think ….sig block

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