… and we are loving being so close to school, church and work!

First, Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Tonight for instance is a Thursday. In the past, we would not have gotten home (assuming no major accidents, just Thursday afternoon traffic) till about 5 or 5:30 (if we left at 3:15 and stopped to pick up JP). Today, Maggie and I left at 3:15, picked up JP, stopped at Walmart and did the grocery shopping for at least the next week. We got home, unpacked the van and stowed the groceries, changed out of our school-day clothes and started a load of laundry ALL BEFORE 5 pm!

Yes, God is indeed good AND we are quite thankful!

Last week, our first full week getting into a routine was a hectic but exciting week. With the 1st Week of Advent, I pulled out all my Christmas-y attire (including a wonderful stock of fun earrings) and brightened the school day with said apparel. In addition, with the end of November, I finished my “novel” … 50300 words (the last couple of thousand were NOT deathless prose, but I was under the gun) so I “won” NANOWRIMO! How fun is that. Over Christmas break I plan to clean it up and see if I can actually publish … I’ll have Maggie read it and she’ll definitely tell me the truth!

I also did (another) run to Ikea and was able to get a love-seat and matching bench on 15% sale. These are great additions to the living room and I was able to spend Saturday putting them together, as well as my desk, so the living room is shaping up nicely. We even left a perfect spot for our Christmas tree, which we will choose this weekend.

Held another couple of knitting club meetings … the numbers are dwindling but the members are enjoying getting stitches on their needles that actually look good! We also had our first Business Leaders’ Club yesterday and the kids and I had a blast with that. I am really excited about this club as we don’t have business courses at the high school and the kids are anxious to learn all about econ, finance, accounting, etc. My MBA and work experience are coming in quite handy for anecdotes and explanations!

Tuesday, on the Feast of St. Nicholas, the new Bishop for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington was installed. Bishop Burbidge, whom my friends from Raleigh will dearly miss, is already impressing us all with his friendliness, his love of education, and his love of Holy Mother Church.

We are so blessed!

Today, I found out that my “boss” will shift to a different vice principal. This is huge as my new “boss” (like who would ever dream of actually trying to “boss” me????) definitely has my back, appreciates my contributions and has already set up weekly status meetings.

Yes, God is indeed good and I am VERY blessed!

Hope your week and a half was just as wonderful. We head into mid-terms this next week which will be quite stressful for the kids … but it’s all good, T will have his driver’s license, Maggie will be working to get her Permit over break and JP will revel in being in middle school where they do field trips and read Polar Express with 2nd graders while sipping hot cocoa and get to see high schoolers put on Shakespeare … all while his siblings are rushing to write papers, printing out study guides and slowly getting thru it all!

Hugs and prayers … and may God bless you abundantly during this next week, the third week of Advent!

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