What a festival!

I spent all day today down at the Festival, knitting and chatting in Jane’s Spring Gate Farm booth … helping folks understand the expense of cashmere, but the amazing properties of said fiber. I was there from 10 a.m. till about 2:30 p.m. I had just finished two beaded necklace designs (Simply Elegant and Leaves ‘n’ Pearls)for her and we were able to sell the patterns to quite a few folks:

Simply Elegant bead-knitted necklace


Leaves 'n' Pearls bead-knitted necklace

We had a blast chatting with folks … playing with Molly, one of her championship does, and just enjoying knitting in the 50-some degree weather.

Bitty (the education chairman) and Jane

some of my designs and others knit in cashmere and cashmere-blends

Jane and 1-year-old Molly

One of the wonderful things about an annual fiber get-together is seeing folks you only see at these! I re-acquainted with some dear fellow fiber fanatics whom I’d enjoyed so much last year. In fact, one took my card as she’d like me to start making so me designs for her! And, best of all, at these fiber festivals you get to meet some people whom you’ve only “met” on line …. yes, I finally got to meet the lovely Ginny at small things (host of the weekly “yarn-along”) and her gorgeous children.

I then went to the demonstration/skein-and-garment competition tent. And, guess what?
I WON 2nd place for a cashmere item I’d entered:

Second Place for BlueRidge Sunset hat and scarf

… here’s what I won:

Hand-dyed 4oz skein, Avalon Springs Farm

a hand-dyed skein of Avalon Springs Farm (Mt. Airy, MD), mohair(55%)/wool(45%) yarn. 250 yards of fabulous fiber …. gorgeous, eh?

And I didn’t forget the kids at home:

Kettle Corn to die for!

this kettle corn is literally made in a huge kettle, popped and sugared at the same time and then delivered to your bag! [Tip: if you ask to have it left open, you get to “test” the amazingly fresh slightly-sweet popcorn before sealing the bag for the kiddoes at home]

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