In my post last Monday, I mentioned that I planned to organize and clean and organize and generally whip everything back into shape. Monday, we got all the Christmas decorations down and put away … the rooms cleaned and all back the way it should be. I planned on Tuesday being my day to get my room … which has become overrun with fiber, files and other knitting related miscellany … organized while the kiddoes started back to school.

But as they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men ….”

Tuesday was so cold in the Commonwealth that the highschoolers (including dh) were home for the day. It did hover in the single digits all day so it was a great day to bake and cuddle on the couch. This then put Wednesday as our start-up post-Christmas and the kids were pretty good about staying focused and getting it done. But that meant riding herd a little more closely than usual, so it wasn’t until Friday morning (another cold, icy rain kind of day) that I was able to start with the organizing.

But first, I had to pull all my yarn out from the various shelves, cabinets and drawers to see what I have and what I can give away ….

.... and that's just the yarn I have to organize ....

…. and that’s just the yarn I have to organize ….

I ordered the cool Closet Maid storage cabinets from Amazon … and got those on Thursday (and built ’em too … go me!). I got two of the 9-cube in white and a storage bench. Five of each of the 9-cubes have backs so I only needed eight fabric bins for the others … Because I like color, I got four in neon green, four in denim blue, and 3 in bright pink for the storage bench.

… and here’s what all that yarn on the bed looks like now.

... at least all the yarn is stowed neatly ...

… at least all the yarn is stowed neatly …

I still have to sort through it all, but at least all of it is out of my bedroom and out to the not-quite-finished studio. As you can see, I might need to get another 9-cube as I still have two plastic bins of yarn that just wouldn’t fit. And of course, I will get more yarn before all this is used up ….

So this week my goal is to finish sorting and culling the yarn before ordering more storage. I also need to organize my files, particularly my design hard-copy originals/notes, so that I can easily find them and so that they’re not cluttering up my cedar chest and looking uber messy. I’m thinking I’ll organize the designs into binders and get another storage bench to put those in.

As for the kids’ homeschool: we’ll have just about a fully “normal” week … the first in a few months (what with holidays and weather issues). Friday is homeschool P.E. day … which is always a boot.

On this site: tomorrow I’ll be posting about cable tips/techniques, yarn-along on Wednesday, another book review on Thursday, and writing something about the family plans for the weekend (especially since HamBone turns 15 on Saturday!)

On the knitting front: I have some caps to make for the kids: HamBone needs a warm beanie for the National Right to Life March on the 22nd … HotRod wants a “Capitals” cap … and Kit wants a thick, cozy tam. I then will begin work on the sweater I’m designing for a dear friend … can’t wait to work on that but I’m a mom, the kids need caps, and well … that’s how we roll.

What does your week have in store? sig block

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