prayer request
Thanks, prayer warriors for the prayers from my request earlier this week.

Unfortunately, the answer to the final intention … for a very special intention … was a resounding “NO”. It’s always quite hard when God’s will does not accord with what I think should happen. Initially, I cry … get mad … get a bit sad. But after a while (and sometimes it takes years) I realize that God’s answer is always the right answer. It can take a while, but eventually I realize that God’s will is the right one.

But sometimes, it can be hard to hear “no”.

Thanks for the prayers … keep ’em coming for the travelers this week (some camping, some WYD-ing, some college visiting) and, if you don’t mind, please pray for me to accept God’s will … to be docile and embrace His will … to understand that the “obstacles” placed in my path are actually stepping stones to help me on my journey to Heaven!

God bless you all …
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