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Yarn-along: February 5, 2014

Yarn-along: February 5, 2014

Good morning … a drizzly, icy morning but “supposed” to be warming to 53 (still rainy and dreary) by this afternoon. We’ll see … some school systems are closed today but mine went so it looks like we might actually get a whole week of schooling in at St. Athanasius Academy! Woohoo!

So what are y’all knitting and reading?

On my knitting needles, I’ve got two projects going …

progress on my KAL poncho

progress on my KAL poncho

  1. finishing the commissioned custom-cable sweater for a dear friend (you can see it peeking out from behind the science books. I’ve got the body and sleeves done and now I’m working on the yoke and then the hood and then it’s done. I’m hoping she likes it … it’s a pretty intricate design but so worth it if she does.
  2. with all this nasty, cold, dreary weather, my thoughts have turned to springtime and the longer days and sun and everything coming back to life. I’m hosting a knit-a-long in my Ravelry group … a knit-a-long that is a shawl that many of the participants are making in wool or wool blends. Me? I’m working it in Wolle’s Yarn Creations … a fingering weight cotton that is bright and cheery and very spring-like. The yarn goes from deep pink to bright yellow to a nice spring green … perfect for the KAL. Instead of a shawl, I’m making a poncho with the same pattern … just changing it up a bit … and will post the design when I’m done; I’m thinking it’s going to be beautiful, thanks to this amazing yarn.

On my reading table? Today, I’ve got some great, fun science books. If you know me, you know that I’m not a science person at all; which works since dh has a PhD in zoology so he handles the heavy science with the kids. Me? I just do the fun experiments, field trips and nature stuff (altho, I’m not very good at the nature stuff … ). So when I find fun activity books that cover science topics, I snatch ’em up. Here are the three we’ll be using this spring:

  • Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids — a fun biography of this genius with activities and experiments to help explain his discoveries. I like how the author includes short bios of others who impacted Einstein’s work (including Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, and Dutch physicist Hendrick Lorentz). This book will make a great spine for unit study on Einstein and his times.
  • The Hot Air Balloon Book is a fun book about how to make eight different styles of hot air balloons. The author gives nice clear instructions and illustrations to show how to make these balloons using items from around the house. He also describes different ways of heating the air: from tea-candles to solar power. This will be so fun once it’s warm enough outside to launch ’em! I see a whole sky filled with these … and all made by my two still being homeschooled. Fun, huh?
  • The Racecar Book is HotRod’s favorite of these new science books. Directions are given for making cars out of mousetraps, powering them with rubberbands, bottle-rocket launchers and others. Included in this great book are edible cars … fantastic for party ideas for a room full of boys! The instructions are very clear and doable while the plethora of photos guide the student, step-by-step thru making the different models. The physics behind motion and propulsion are woven throughout the book … I love when the kids don’t realize they’re learning. Excellent, excellent book!

So what are you knitting and reading … wanna come play … sig block

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