Good morning! Today is Tuesday, October 15th (the feast of St. Terese of Avila) … it’s going to be a beautiful day here in the Old Dominion with 70 and sun forecast …

A new Ravelry group:  By Hand, With Heart hand-knits

A new Ravelry group: By Hand, With Heart hand-knits

A perfect day to launch a new group on Ravelry: By Hand, With Heart handknits … a group for all of you lovely and talented knitters who are working on designs from By Hand, With Heart or who are friends or fans of designs by Mary C. Gildersleeve.

Here you are free to ask for help on any of my designs or general technique questions, show off and share your projects, be the first to see any new designs, participate in test knitting, join a KAL, and make new friends. We’ll also have contests and swaps and giveaways … and maybe a bit of destashing, too.

This is the place to chat about what works or doesn’t – what yarn you used or a change you’ve made to one of my designs.

Feel free to start a thread for a particular pattern if you have a question or comment, or if there’s a design you’d like to see changed (a pullover made into a cardigan or a shawl made into a poncho). If you could put the name of the design in the subject line that would be great.

Also, if you have a burning knitting question … how to do a particular technique, a tip that you’ve come across, or other knitterly tidbit … feel free to share those, too.

I think that Ravelry’s ‘be excellent to each other’ covers it all; please remember to be as courteous to others as you would want them to be toward you.

Come, join in, say hello, share and have fun. This is meant to be a spot for knitterly-socializing … so let’s have at it!

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